Engross your People

Dynamic ointranet where all of your employees are active and excited towards the various activities that are going to be conducted in your organization and keep them aware of other people thoughts and ideas.

Employee Retention

Brings together the entire company, as almost 50% of the people say that having friendship at workplace make their working experience happier and worthwhile and increases employee commitment.

Affordable Pricing

It is extremely good value for money and it's a onetime investment. A completely affordable solution with no implementation and annual maintenance cost, no hidden costs.

Flexible Architecture

It is manufactured on the flexible architecture you can use it with very ease and be successful. And when your organization grows it can be easily customizable according to your needs.

Our Services


See the latest posts, events, notifications and any necessary information related to organization.

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Employee management is painless and easy to manage information related to employee.

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Company Policy

Create company policies and publish it online and make them available to your employees.

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Meeting Rooms

Booking and managing of meeting rooms is effortless. You just need to specify the basic information.

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Create and manage trainings which are going to be happened within your organization.

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Ideas and Challenges

Share your ideas and post challenges among the various employees of the organization.

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Why choose us?

  • We bring the teams closer; we provide an effective way for the teams to share their ideas and views.
  • It is so flexible in use that any organization can use with many users.
  • ointranet improves the business productivity and makes the sharing of knowledge and information effortless.
  • We have team of expert developers and our service team delivers the solution and our support team makes this ointranet works efficiently.
  • We value transparency, respect and sincerity in everything we do and we consider pleasing customers the most important part of our job.

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