Employee Management

Managing the employees is effortless and easily manageable employee's personal/professional data. By adding employee's photos, their identities can be created, personalized and all this can be done manually or you can import all employees in single click either from CSV file or from your existing HRMS (if any). All managers can access this automated employee hierarchy.

Event Management

Plan & organize your events, add as many events for various locations, divisions, functions etc., Send online invitations to all invitees, employees can subscribe also if event has subscription open, track & manage all subscribers & invitees. Upload your event scheduler accessible by all invitees. Get auto generated list of all attendants, alerts for the upcoming programs and facility to post feedbacks along with the event pictures on past events, flexile search criteria to find any individual event. Option to develop e-card as well for all invitees.

Company Policies

Create your company policies & publish online in order to make available to all employees. Multiple policies can be managed which may be unique throughout the company or different policies for different departments, locations, functions etc. Policies can be added/managed by HR Managers or department heads.

Meeting Room Booking

Booking of meeting rooms and managing them is painless there is a room master in which there is a list of rooms, basics and equipment required in the room. The process of booking rooms can be done conveniently if the room is available on the date & time slot selected. Can add meeting agenda & select meeting attendants. Robotic notification & reminders for all the meeting attendees. Track history of all meetings scheduled anytime.

Schedule & Manage Training

Create & manage multiple trainings to be happened in your company, characterize training schedule, invite trainers & notify trainees, keep track of all the trainings arranged. HR or organizer can credit the reward points to trainers account for providing successful training.

Idea & Challenges

Employee can contribute any Idea that can help organization to gain edge adequately, ideas will be rated & the maximum rated idea can be picked for the Action from Employer. Option to Post Challenges i.e. if any team is facing any challenge in Project, So they can through the challenge, best solution from employees which can resolve the Issues will be liable for reinforcement Points.

Platform for buying/selling/renting and pooling

Let your employees advertise their needs on this portal to purchase, rent, sell or a vehicle pool, by giving this platform you are helping your employees to get these facilities within their official system. They don't need to put extra time and effort to fulfill their needs, people connect on company's ointranet can share their needs & get instant solution.


As a Reward System organization can keep Point System which can be credited to Employees Account & Employees can redeem them by E-shop by purchasing any item. Best Idea or Challenge can be published on Ointranet also If an employee's or team performance is extraordinary then they can be awarded with some reward points (Coins) either they will get those points individually or as a team. All these benefits encourage the employee to give his/her best performance so that they can have such awesome benefits.

Keep track of visitors

Issue gate pass request to the security for organizing a hassle free experience to any visitor to your company. Track Visitor, it's a Robust Module for the Security of the Organization.

Quiz, Poll & Survey

Publish Quiz, Poll & Survey to increase employee involvement in order to have their feedbacks & opinions. An excited feature for both creator & participants.