Privacy Policy

Our Policy

Welcome to our website. Continue using our website by agreeing to comply with and bounded by the following terms and conditions of use. If at any point you disagree with our terms and conditions, can stop using our website.

Collection of your personal information

Intranet may collect personal information about you, such as your name, contact number, email, address etc, if required. We will use your personal information for research purpose or to enhance our site and the services we offer you.

We analyze the information provided by you, such as which pages of our website is frequently visited by visitors and how long they stay there. Information provided by users is compiled on a collective basis.

Without your permission, Intranet will not disclose or use any of your personal information. For the privacy of the information provided by visitors, we have taken some responsible action including storing information and other data on secure servers that are completely protected.

Our use of "Cookies"

To personalize your online experience, we use "cookies" which is a text file stored by browser on your hard disk for keeping the information. With cookies you can recall information entered by you on subsequent visits such as your preferred e-mail, address etc. The information you have previously provided can be retrieved.

Cookies do not identify users, but can identify the user's browsers. This is upto you whether you want to accept or decline the cookies. Generally web browsers accept the cookies, but you can change the setting as your convenience. In case you choose the option to decline the cookies you may not be able to enjoy all the features provided by Intranet.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, it's Google's own web analytics service. Analytics tool is helpful in knowing all stats regarding page views, traffic, average time spend on the site, sessions, source, page loading time, bounce rate, exit rate etc.

It also facilitate with the information, which content is popular on our website and it will try to give you the things that you like to read or watch.

Links to third party websites

From time to time website may contain link to other websites. When you click these links will be redirected to other websites to provide further information hence we have no responsibility of the content available on the third party sites i.e. we don't endorse those websites.

We also use third-party merchants, Google as well that show our ads on sites across the internet.

Some of the Important facts you must know about your privacy

You should always close your browser while leaving the browser especially when you are sharing your system with someone or using your system in public place so that nobody can access your personal data. Only you are responsible for security of your system.

Please be attentive while sharing your personal information over emails or chat websites because that can be hacked by the other users.

Changes To Privacy Policy

We would suggest you to view our policy periodically because we can change or modify our privacy policy but we expect to give only the minor modifications. In no case, we will reduce your rights under privacy policy. At any time, if some changes has been done in privacy policy you will be updated about that changes by receiving a notification.

How to Contact Us

If you have any queries or concerns about the privacy policy, feel free to contact with us through our website or at For any query or complaints related to our website, please reach us so that we will get in touch with you and try to resolve your problems within a shortest span of time.